There's never a dull day in the world of customer tech support, and this rings especially true at my current employer, SanMar.

SanMar sells imprintable apparel, bags, and caps, and our primary customers are screenprinters and embroiderers. The company also provides a wide range of marketing tools for our customers to connect with their end-users and promote the sale of SanMar goods.

One of the most popular marketing tools we provide is the custom website, which allows customers to quickly set up a standalone e-commerce solution, be it a generic online catalog, or a specialized online store for a specific end-user. 

While our customers can log in and build their own custom website, sometimes they require the HTML/CSS expertise of the Customer Tech Support team for more advanced customizations.

Since there was no team training module for learning HTML/CSS, I had to learn it on my own. My teammates generously took time to answer my questions, and teach and demonstrate code. After lots of trial and error, and with persistence, I became pretty decent at marking up text and building layouts with HTML and CSS (if I do say so myself).

Check out a sampling of the work I've done:

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April 6, 2018