It was my dream for many years to design T-shirts and sell them in a store, so in March 2017, I finally founded an online apparel store that features my original graphics emblazoned upon T-shirts and other wearables. My main demographic for PWCD is Millennials who use the internet frequently for social media and online forums like Reddit. This same group of avid internet users also enjoy a sort of Dadaistic and even nihilistic humor, which is prevalent in places like Tumblr and so-called "weird Twitter".

The designs are meant to be more playful and feel relatable, much like an internet meme. (I, however, do not use actual memes in my designs.)

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, I'm no longer regularly updating PWCD. But my shop is still open, and I look forward to being able to spend more time on the store whenever I'm able.

I primarily used Adobe Illustrator CS2, and occasionally used Photoshop. Here is a sampling of the apparel I sell on, as well as the PWCD business cards.

And here are some of the promos I designed and released to my Facebook page.

September 3, 2017