CSS Grid is a new CSS specification that aims to revolutionize how web layout design is traditionally approached. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, has seen many changes in its specifications since its start in 1996, with each shift attempting to make web design easier and more customizable than the last. We've seen floats, media queries, and Flexbox usher in the era of responsive web design, and now CSS Grid, along with these established technologies, is paving the way to intrinsic web design.

As a graphic designer, I am fascinated by how CSS Grid is making the integration of graphic design and web design not only possible, but easily achievable! As a result, I've happily taken to Codepen.io to experiment with Grid, and one day, I hope to use Grid in production, and take my web design skills to a whole new level.

Check out my Grid experiments below. Each image links to their respective CodePen pages.

April 26, 2018